in english

We live the era of total change: in technology, economy, social structures, environment, everywhere. Due to that, the long-established, traditional education models seem incapable to cope with the new challenges kids will face.

We strongly believe contemporary education has to strive for the development of a New Concept about life. Under this New Concept, people should at least be able to:

•    recognize quickly the external changes, understand them and flexibly adapt
•    grasp and manage effectively knowledge and innovation
•    deal successfully with the unexpected and learn how to solve problems unseen before
•    develop strong moral and social values in order to become influential and conscious citizens

We, a group of people coming from the production and the free markets on a volunteer basis, want to assist into the formation of this New Concept. Therefore, we are looking for efficient ways to communicate with the young kids and their parents, in an unofficial but effective way.

Our aim is to share part of our hands-on experience, tell stories about good people and good practices and spread around the fundamental values we believe a citizen needs to excel in today’s borderless world.

We ‘ll try to do it in public or in private, individually or in groups, in small or larger audiences, through physical contact or through the web and the social media.

We ask anyone feeling that way to join our community and assist in creating a brighter future for our kids. It’s our only hope for a better world.

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